December 2021

Dear Friends and Family,

I am sending you this report separately from the 2021 annual report because we faced a number of challenges towards the end of the year, and I would like for you all to be praying for us, but I do not want to add all of this onto the year end report.

So, without taking any more time, let me list the issues and our prayer requests. Anyone who needs further information can send me an email, as always.

Our first prayer request is for the folks out of work and the quality of the air in the area following the explosion of a chemical plant in the neighboring town. The air quality has improved a great deal already, but it was miserable in the first few days following the explosion, and those who were closer suffered even more (the town's name is Berazategui).

Our second request is for Vanesa's upcoming booster shot. She has had 2, and is scheduled for her 3rd in January of 2022, but Zoe had a very strong reaction to her second shot, and I had a strong reaction to my booster, which has mildly increased Vanesa's anxiety regarding her 3rd. Your prayers for her health, especially given her fatigue levels, are greatly appreciated.

Third, we would like to continue to ask for prayers for people who have been infected with Covid 19 (and those who have lost loved ones). There is an increasing level of disagreement as to the direction we need to take as a nation (largely due to economic effects of any continued quarantine during tourist season), and those arguments have surfaced in the local church in a big way, including ours. The latest issue is the government's requirement of a "health pass" with vaccine information on it in order to be able to be physically present at mass events and in buildings where public services are offered. The pass was also initially aimed at all church services, but the provincial government seems to be backing off that decision. Regardless of the final details, travel, banks, and municipal buildings are all requiring said pass as of Jan 1, 2022.

Fourth, I would like to ask for prayers for our protection. Sunday morning, December 5, our house was broken into by a young man wearing nothing but a pair of jogging pants. No one was injured, and he doesn't seem to have taken anything except some small tools from the car (we are still sorting through the disaster he left behind), but it was quite a shock. We have done what we can to improve security on the property, but we would appreciate a special intervention on our behalf.

On a related note, when we filed the police report, the officer manning the door (COVID regs currently prohibit the entry of the public to the stations without being escorted by an officer) first discouraged us from making the report, and then when we insisted, tried to tell us that the young man must be a friend (if not boyfriend) of Zoe's that she didn't tell us about, and continued in that vein until Vanesa showed him the photo of the broken back door! Needless to say, we are less than happy with the officer in question, although the folks in the patrol car that came by in response to our initial call (and who told us we SHOULD file the report) were very helpful.

I will be issuing a year-end report for 2021 shortly, and we will be focusing more on the ministry issues again in that email, but I wanted to let you all know what we have been facing in the last few weeks, and thank you again for your prayers, emails, messages and support. God bless!

In peace,
Tim Figgins