Dear Friends and Family,

The end of the year is closing fast, and a number of you are probably thinking about Giving Tuesday and/or other year-end gifts. We here at Envoy would like to make that giving process easier for you! The work in Argentina continues apace, and we can always use additional donations to the general fund. This year, however, we would like to ask for your help with three specific projects:

      1) A new (or new used) car. Estimated cost $30,000. Our existing vehicle failed the DMV tests multiple times this year in spite of repeated visits to the mechanic, so we will be looking to replace it in 2020.

      2) Finishing and equipping the home office in the new house. Estimated cost $6000. This will be shared space for Vanesa and my ministries and will be one of the first rooms people see when entering the new house.

      3) Finishing and equipping the professional kitchen for Vanesa. Estimated cost $25,000. This allows us to move all of Vanesa's catering work home instead of doing it piecemeal in different places. Combined with the above, it gives her catering work a much more visible presence in the neighborhood as well.

Send donations to:
      Envoy Christian Mission
      651 Marshall Drive
      Xenia, OH 45385

Of course, the work in Argentina continues, and as I said before donations to the house or to the general fund are more than welcome, but we wanted you all to know about these specific opportunities to help us reach the people of Argentina with the Gospel. We give thanks to God for all of you, and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

In peace,

Tim Figgins
Envoy Christian Mission
Florencio Varela, Argentina

Taking the Gospel to the hearts of Argentina!
Argentina Florencio Varela, Buenos Aires.
Tim Figgins

Tim Figgins is our resident foreign missionary, living and working in Argentina since 2001.

He currently works out of the Varela Center congregation, but as both Varela and Aguaray have Argentine pastors, his role is more and more that of a support person and resource.


With your help we can continue to share Christ with the people in Argentina. We depend on groups and people like you to make donations. Click here to make a donation.